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We specialize in consultancy and real estate brokerage, offering a full range of services with dedicated work teams for each market segment and type of customer.

We attend both private and institutional investors, in Italy and abroad.

our services

Property Finding

We assist with search and acquisition. We can arrange all kind of renovation and interior design services with a trusted network of professionals. We have extensive knowledge of Italian bureaucracy and conduct our leads into success.

Connecting People

We connect foreign and national investors who are interested in acquiring historic and luxury property in Italy as a second home or as a hospitality development opportunity with national and international owners. 

Hassle Free Transaction

We make sure that the negotiation will be smooth for both buyers & sellers. Our experience in real estate minimizes all possible complexities and ensures a quick and easy turnaround without any hidden surprises.

Concierge Services

Whether you need assistance with a yacht rental for the weekend, or help when booking transportation , we have established connections to provide the highest level of customer service, attention to detail, courtesy and discretion.